Have you experienced being talked into purchasing a product or service? Telemarketers persistently calling your home and office, or perhaps a company flooding your inbox with email promotions. We all have encountered these hard sell tactics once, twice or many times. And like many people, I don’t enjoy buying a product when I feel pressured to do so or annoyed at the approach.

Many people nowadays are smart consumers and wary of misleading promotional tactics and hard sell advertising. These pushy tactics often create a negative customer reaction. And with the power of online customer reviews, you don’t want to risk your brand reputation on unwise marketing practices.

As a business, how then can you thrive in a very competitive online marketplace? Perhaps, non-interruptive marketing is the key to your social media strategy. Instead of bombarding your target audience with product offers, non-interruptive marketing involves developing rich content that draws the right people to your brand. (more…)