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Get More People Talking on Your Facebook Page

Is your Facebook page too quiet? That’s bad for your business. Here’s some tips for boosting your engagement.


Always post with photos

Images drive a message more clearly. It’s something that jumps out of the screen right away. Photos on Facebook get more than fifty percent of the likes all in all when compared to the usual generic posts and video posts. It get more than eighty percent more link clicks if that’s included in the same post. But what makes a good photo? Make sure to: use real people with a focus on their facial expressions and use images that depict a lifestyle instead of just showing the product. Also, if you can make people feel nostalgic about certain pop cultural icons of the past, then you’ve got it made.


Post at the right time

Why is timing so important? Because you will not be able to reach the right audience if you post at a time when they are not active on Facebook. For example, if your page is geared towards office workers, when is the best time to post? Probably during break times or after work hours. But these are not the only things you need to consider. You also have to think about how timely your posts are. Meaning to say, if you are going to post about a certain hot topic, you better do it at the right day. Strike while the iron is hot.


Let your audience decide on important questions

A good example of this are online polls. It’s much better if the poll results will actually have an effect on the brand or the company. For example, if you want to know which flavour or type of product they prefer, why not ask? This gives you a lot of insight as well as boosting your Facebook page’s engagement. Another good technique is to create an online contest or promotion out of your question. This will definitely increase likes, comments, and shares.


Try post boosting

There’s just no way around it now nowadays. You might feel that you can rely on organic reach (meaning no paid boosting) but you’d be wrong. Even pages that have a ton of engagement everyday can use some paid boosting every now and then. That’s just how Facebook is right now.

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