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NFT Sponsors Sports Team, Netball Philippines

Netfusion Technology will sponsor the up and coming Netball Philippines team this year. NFT will be sponsoring their uniforms as well as backing up their online presence (both for their social pages and their website) with our signature digital marketing expertise.

By revamping their website and social media, NFT will help drive a lot more fan conversation a sports team’s growth. Online fan conversations specifically, once sparked, can spread like wildfire. Their website will be the hub of their digital presence.

Moreover, apart from helping with digital marketing, NFT will further build the team’s identity through uniform sponsorship. New custom-made uniforms will help communicate the team’s professional and international status.

For those who are not familiar, netball as a sport began at the same time as basketball and was specifically designed for women. Nowadays, it has evolved into is fast and strategic sport, demanding great physical prowess and mental fortitude. Right now, it is one of the most popular games by women in Australia and New Zealand.

NFT is excited to help develop the women’s game of Netball in the Philippines and to enhance the cultural and social development of Filipino girls and women. To end, we leave you with an encapsulating quote from the President of Netball Philippines, Dr. Charlie Ho:

“In so short a time, Netball Philippines (soon to be “Philippine Netball Federation”) was able to train and send a developmental team to participate in the 25th Southeast Asian Games in Singapore last June with the support of the Philippine Olympic Committee.”

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