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Report: Google’s Ad Crackdown Last Year

Google Ads recently released information about its tightened ads policy in 2016. And the shocking fact is that it removed more than 1.7 BILLION ads. That is an astounding number that will make you think. You would think that this would be a bad choice since that is 1.7 billion ads creating revenue for Google.

But in the long run, if Google let bad ads run wild, it will spell trouble for them in the long run. Looking towards the future is something that only the best businessmen will do. And this is something you should do as well.

So what exactly are the type of ads that Google has cracked down on last year?




Illegal or Illicit Products

Most of these are drugs or pharmaceutical products. As you can imagine, there are tons of these products floating around. The rest of course are illegal stuff such as illegal gambling and other unsavory products and activities.


Misleading Ads

If the products sounds like a miracle, it’s probably fake. There are also products and services that are advertised one way but actually do not delivery any of what is being advertised.


Self Clicking Mobile Ads

There’s been a lot of mobile ads that self-click as well as automatically download apps to your phone. Nobody wants that.


Tabloid Cloakers

Some ads for products that are not allowed try scamming Google’s system by cloaking themselves. Last year saw a huge rise in these types of scams and Google has cracked down on these pretty hard.


Thanks, Google.


The internet is a much better place because of you.


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