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3 Businesses That Got Boosted by Digital Marketing

All industries can inevitably gain so much from digital marketing. But according to studies, these three industries has been the biggest gainers so far. These businesses were able to leverage the full power of their social channels. Perhaps these industries are better suited for the digital landscape or perhaps they just understand the digital world more than most. Here are the top 3 businesses with high returns for their investment in digital marketing.

Entertainment and Content

Hollywood and the entertainment industry have so much to gain from digital, and they knew it from the start. Sharing photos, trailers, BTS photos, live videos, not to mention all those celebrity content shared on social media has given the industry a shot on the arm in terms of reaching its audience. We’ve also seen some of the most strategic marketing techniques being used by the entertainment industry, which is what you would expect from a business that supposedly runs on creativity. In fact, the entire distribution line is moving from traditional media to internet streaming media channels which are able to target more specific demographics.

Food Industry

Open Instagram and you will find it hard NOT to see food porn. The food industry has become so intertwined with people’s digital habits, that Instagraming food has become a ritual that’s as part of the meal for many as saying grace. And brands know just how dedicated and passionate people are about food products. From bloggers, to social media, food businesses have dominated the internet and have been successfully marketing themselves. And whole sections of the businesses have started to operate online exclusively.

Mobile Tech

There is perhaps no better industry to fit in digital marketing than the electronics gadgets industry which the internet is viewed from. Surprisingly though, food and entertainment trumps the tech industry in terms of revenues created from digital marketing platforms and campaigns. What does this say about the new media? It says that the easier your content to relate too, the more viral it becomes.

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