We are proud to unveil our humble donation to the local Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre (KCAC), their newly functional revamped website is now up and running at www.kcac.org.au

Last year, we organised a contest where one lucky charitable organisation would get a website and digital presence overhaul for free. KCAC has been announced as the lucky winner and now their website is mobile friendly, search engine optimised, and professionally designed.

In response, KCAC has awarded us with this magnanimous certificate of appreciation. To once again quote Rose Caltabiano-Burman, Marketing/Promotions Officer for the Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre:

“We were delighted that NFT chose us as the community organisation to be given a new website. George and the team at Net Fusion Technology did a fantastic job with our new website and were great to deal with. We held a brainstorming meeting with George and once we had an idea of the basics that we wanted incorporated into the website, they worked on the rest and came up with a great layout which is functional and easy to navigate. I would recommend NFT to anyone. Not only are they supporting local community organisations, they are also very professional and attentive.”

We would like to again express joy and fulfillment in support of KCAC. We could not have chosen a more deserving organisation to win the contest. And will continue to support of grassroots communities and causes in the future. In fact, we are already in the process of planning a new contest to find another worthy organisation to support so watch please watch out for it this year.

Anti clickbait extensions are more relevant now than ever before. We’ve discussed before why clickbait headlines are something every marketer should avoid. We’ve covered here the specific types of clickbait headlines that Facebook detects and down votes in the same blog post.

But now a global epidemic of ransomware has taken over so many computers and threatened to wreak even more havoc  if not for one lucky techie that found the kill switch by accident, and avoiding clickbait headlines has become even more relevant. Why? Because it’s one of the hackers most successful tools.

Computers in many countries around the globe froze due to malicious ransomware called: WanaCry. It made a computer’s important files unusable by scrambling and encrypting them along with the promise of total deletion if the victim does not pay the malware creators.

Highly vital computer files of the victims were essentially held for ransom. Dozens of countries where hit. Targets ranged from companies, government agencies, and even hospital with files that needs access or else lives could be at risk.

This all just proves that nowadays, click bait is still the new currency for hackers as well as spammers everywhere. Just because it gets a lot of clicks, it doesn’t mean that something is already good and true.

This is why Facebook, Google, and other internet digital giant companies have introduced projects that are geared towards eradicating click bait once and for all.