This is no joke. We are serious. According to data from various studies, emojis are not as stupid as many people might think they are at first glance. They are cultural touchstones that enable advertisers to say more with less. And now that Facebook and social media in general has become a big weapon in marketing, the correct use of emojis.

A survey from has collated information from more than three thousand businesses all over the globe and found that the ten most excellent businesses in facebook in terms of engagement rate and how related the ad content are to each other in order to see what qualities they all share. And the result? Nine out of ten of the best performing ad campaigns used emojis.

Using emojis in advertising is nothing new. It’s been done back in 2014 and has since gained more acceptance as a best practice. Right now, some of the biggest consumer products and most well-known household names have social ads that have used emojis in such creative ways. Brands such as Disney, Chevrolet, Pepsi, and popular publications have used them. And there are many, many more.

But why can these simple symbols become so powerful?

The answer: because they communicate real emotion in a much faster way than words can. Space is always a big issue in digital marketing. Actually, in any type of marketing, the less space you need to communicate more things, the better. And emojis can also give back feedback towards your business. This is valuable insight on how your audience actually feels about you and your brand.

Data is nothing without insight. You can collect all the tidbits of knowledge and data all you want from your marketing, but without any knowledge about what to actually do with the data, it is all meaningless.

Churning data into usable insight is not done by magic. You need a real customer viewpoint that will finally let you connect to user behaviour. And what is the best way to do this? Through a customer relationship management tool that is truly scalable and practical. But not only that, you need a theory framework that will enable you to understand the numbers.

There is no one way to perfectly combine and realize online sentiment, analytics, and customer information using an automated algorithm. However, using some of your team’s time to combining all these channels on a scheduled way is going to yield good results.


One needs the following so that one can properly layer out data:

  • Filter out data that isn’t really related to your decided business goals
  • Search out for even more information that’s necessary
  • Rank data by commercial value
  • Find insightful data configurations
  • Mix the data with your staff’s insight and brainstorm for even more insight

Then rinse repeat and start over every so often in your implementation, research, and realignments. Remember, digital marketing and marketing in general never really stops.


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