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Not All Social Media are Equal

With the internet changing the way we live our lives and also the way we transact our businesses, using social media for our businesses is at times an awkward fit. Navigating the social media landscape has its difficulties. Social media is subject to cultural and social restrictions. And, with a social media new tool released […]

Why Cybersecurity Matters to You

Cyber security is no longer an option but has become a necessity for any business. It’s easy to think that these attacks will never happen to you or your company. Although this may have been true even 10 years ago, cyber-attacks can happen to anyone with a device that is online. Cybersecurity has become a […]

Creating an Effective Ad

Business owners tend to undermine the importance of creating an effective advertisement. In order to create an effective advertisement, you must first understand the basics of a good advertisement content. As every business wants to stand out from the rest, and with the rising competition due to globalisation, promoting your business with proper advertisement techniques […]

How to Keep Your Facebook Private

Facebook Privacy Tips Privacy was never Facebook’s strongest suit. Facebook seemingly has had various issues with keeping data private since its debut of “newsfeed”.  While these events in the past were mere hiccups, the latest scandal has brought about a major economic backlash for the company and for its founder. The company reportedly lost about […]

Content Marketing For 2018

  Anyone can plainly see how digital marketing has expanded exponentially. And one of the most important facets of digital marketing that has exploded in the digital era is content marketing. Content marketing, despite what some digital marketing people would like to think, has been as old as marketing itself. It is a way of […]

How We Lowered our FB Ad Cost by Half

Getting into Facebook ad campaign with your eyes blindfolded will cost you a lot of money in the long run. If you want to lower the cost per click, impressions, etc. of your ad campaign, then you have to do your due diligence. Luckily, we are here to teach you some of the ways we’ve […]

Data and Insights: Benchmarking

Data is nothing without insight. You can collect all the tidbits of knowledge and data all you want from your marketing, but without any knowledge about what to actually do with the data, it is all meaningless. Churning data into usable insight is not done by magic. You need a real customer viewpoint that will […]

Budgeting Tips For Digital Marketing

Is budgeting a perennial dilemma for your brand? This article aims to help you out by pointing out some of the easiest and most common mistakes and why you should avoid them.   Don’t get too distracted in getting the most original and creative content Sometimes, a new type of channel, content, or fad comes […]

“Google Buys Spotify” Will It Ever Happen?

So we’re back with the question of whether the rumoured merger or purchase of Spotify by Google will actually take place soon. And it looks like the answer is a no. In fact, recent developments show a lot of friction between Google and Spotify in light of the later’s (along with many other European Internet […]

3 Businesses That Got Boosted by Digital Marketing

All industries can inevitably gain so much from digital marketing. But according to studies, these three industries has been the biggest gainers so far. These businesses were able to leverage the full power of their social channels. Perhaps these industries are better suited for the digital landscape or perhaps they just understand the digital world […]

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