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Creating an Effective Ad

Business owners tend to undermine the importance of creating an effective advertisement. In order to create an effective advertisement, you must first understand the basics of a good advertisement content. As every business wants to stand out from the rest, and with the rising competition due to globalisation, promoting your business with proper advertisement techniques […]

Content Marketing For 2018

  Anyone can plainly see how digital marketing has expanded exponentially. And one of the most important facets of digital marketing that has exploded in the digital era is content marketing. Content marketing, despite what some digital marketing people would like to think, has been as old as marketing itself. It is a way of […]

Emoji’s Can Save Your Facebook Advertising

This is no joke. We are serious. According to data from various studies, emojis are not as stupid as many people might think they are at first glance. They are cultural touchstones that enable advertisers to say more with less. And now that Facebook and social media in general has become a big weapon in […]

Ads Are Now Coming to Your Facebook Chat

The day many advertisers have been waiting for is here. Facebook is finally allowing ads directly in Facebook messenger. This is going to change a lot of things, both for better and for worse. Facebook has already tested their new ad feature in Thailand and Australia and reported that the yield of their study has […]

Social Video Marketing is on the Rise

Mobile video platforms, particularly from Facebook and YouTube are changing the way people consume media. The strength of television broadcasting is seriously under threat as more and more generations start to rely on mobile videos for their entertainment. This is why almost all forward thinking agencies and marketers have created at least 2 videos last […]

Is Content Still King in 2017?

Content is King. This has always been a truism of digital marketing since time immemorial. But people tend to forget is what this sentence actually means. Even if you are able to churn out a lot of great content that you use for your marketing, that doesn’t mean your content will be successful. The definition […]

Get More People Talking on Your Facebook Page

Is your Facebook page too quiet? That’s bad for your business. Here’s some tips for boosting your engagement.   Always post with photos Images drive a message more clearly. It’s something that jumps out of the screen right away. Photos on Facebook get more than fifty percent of the likes all in all when compared […]

Why You Need to Use the Google URL Shortener

Most of the time, the shorter your line the better it sounds. Wait, let me rephrase that: In digital: shorter is better. .   Here are just some of the reasons why you should use the Google URL shortener:   Make Links More Usable and Sharable Of course not every link is an overgrown plant […]

3 Facebook Ads Campaign Rules You Should Never Break

Looking to dip into Facebook advertising? Don’t plunge in without reading these 3 basic principles first. It might just save you and your business a lot of time and money.   1. Craft a Fitting Media Plan Strategy Small to medium businesses often find themselves in a creek without a paddle when they try to […]

Adjusting to Facebook’s New Anti-Clickbait Algorithm

Facebook is cracking down on clickbait – headlines that hold back, exaggerate, or skew information to make the audience more curious. They’re rolling out another algorithm that’s going to make sure these types of posts disappear from newsfeeds. And why shouldn’t they? Clickbait is like the sleazy salesmen of net. It promise one thing but […]

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