Web Design Tips for 2017

Here’s our bold prediction for the future of Web design based on observable trends we’ve seen this 2016.


Many Tiny Engagements

Liking, commenting, pressing buttons, all of these small interactions might go unnoticed to the untrained eye. But they are the lifeblood of a successful digital presence. Pressing a button gives people the feeling of power and accomplishment. This is what brings them back to your website.


Image Over Text

The digital age is moving more and more towards the visual arts. The most successful website rely on truly high quality images. This is not just about using beautiful pictures. It’s about using pictures that convey your message the best way. It’s about sending powerful, concise messages in using just a small space. This is especially important when you consider mobile phones.


Using Data to Decide on Content and Design

Mock ups are guided by imagination. This can usually work but it will need optimisation. Creating a truly functional web design is all about using past data to trouble shoot problems and create smoother website flow.


Use GIFs

If pictures paint a thousand words. Then GIFs can paint millions. These not only grab attention. They also can tell stories and convey so much more to your target audience with just the space a couple of seconds.


Get Style Points through Standout Typography

Text doesn’t have to be boring. Great content will always attract repeat viewings. Using Typography that’s stylish makes your message pop. But it also gives it more meaning, especially if the typography fits the message and branding.