“Google Buys Spotify” Will It Ever Happen?

So we’re back with the question of whether the rumoured merger or purchase of Spotify by Google will actually take place soon. And it looks like the answer is a no. In fact, recent developments show a lot of friction between Google and Spotify in light of the later’s (along with many other European Internet firms) complaint to European regulators.

Spotify is not happy with how tech giants such as Apple and Google are basically stomping on smaller music providers, simply because they can. With these two giants having control, a duopoly on the mobile device industry, they can basically create their own music streaming add-ons and block out the competition. A practice which, of course, lessens the healthy rivalry that stimulates the market and leaves users without much choice.

This is, of course, an old issue that has been rearing it’s head from time to time. It’s probably the best reason for why Google might have considered buying Spotify directly. Having millions of solid users, Spotify is the intolerable music industry key player that has taken prime real estate (of streaming music) away from the aforementioned tech giants.

If Spotify wins and remains a healthy music streaming service, this will make it much more tempting for Google to buy it out. But it might also mean that Spotify can create more money on it’s own.

Do you agree with this petition against Google and Apple? Is destroying Spotify through these tactics, something that will hurt the consumer and the market in the long run? Leave us a comment with your answers, We’d love to hear from you.