New Tool Alert: Google Console Page Speed Tester

Page speed is one of the few things you can tweak as a website owner to improve the experiences of your site users.

According to reports, Google began testing a speed report tool within Google Search tool. While it is not available yet to all users they are beginning to slowly roll it out to the general public.

Where can you find these reports?

The speed report is found under “Enhancements”. The report will help web administrators to find issues with sections and URLs that may have page speed issues. While it is still listed as experimental, it surely poses as a very useful tool to monitor the overall speed performance of the site.

What info does it provide?

The report starts with a categorical view between mobile and desktop speed. You can then dive deeper into checking how many pages are “slow”, “moderate”, and fast”. From there, Google provides another deeper view by listing the pages organised by their status.

According to Google’s blog, the report uses real-world data from their Chrome User Experience report and also data from “a simulated load of a page on a single device and fixed set of network conditions.”.

Data at the moment is limited. In fact, most of the sites we monitor still are not yet covered. We presume that marrying the data types and presenting it to the general public may take some effort and time. Nonetheless, once it is fully operational, this tool with its sophisticated data sources will be able to provide web owners with a better grasp of how their site is actually performing.