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3 Facebook Ads Campaign Rules You Should Never Break

Posted August 22, 2016

Looking to dip into Facebook advertising? Don't plunge in without reading these 3 basic principles first. It might just save you and your business a lot of time and money.


1. Craft a Fitting Media Plan Strategy

Small to medium businesses often find themselves in a creek without a paddle when they try to do a Facebook Ads campaign that has no proper bidding strategy and budgeting plan. And oftentimes, they might not even know they're making huge mistakes. This usually happens when companies decide to DIY instead of hiring an expert. Facebook ads can be very effective, but only if used correctly. Otherwise, you might as well flush your cash down the drain.


Without proper planning, you might be spending too much for what you are getting. At worst, the campaign might totally miss its mark.

What Can You Do:

For those who want to do their own campaign without professional help, you’re in luck. Facebook has a tool called Optimised CPM that basically helps you get the most bang out of your budget. They’ve created this tool because they know that explaining the finer points on budgeting, audience targeting, CPC (Cost Per Click), and CPM (Cost Per Impression) can be like explaining scientific facts to a climate change denier – nigh impossible. But just a caveat: big campaigns should not be done without the guidance of a professional. Optimised CPM can only do so much.


2. Create a Landing Page for your Ad

There are only a few campaigns that link their Facebook ads directly to their site without a landing page. And there’s a good reason why. Landing pages are vital for user education, thus creating a higher conversion rate.

If your audience clicks on your ad and gets to your page without knowing exactly what to do, they won’t sign up, buy your stuff, or whatever it is you need them to do. It’s just common sense. Also, landing pages can be the best tool to capture data that would help your campaign be better.


3. Know Your Audience

Of course this same rule applies even to traditional marketing. But with Facebook ads, you have a very powerful tool called Audience Insights. Here you can find out so much about the demographics you are targeting even before you blow your budget on your first ads set.


Instead of fumbling around unknown territory, you can now find out what your market is like through data taken from your page’s current audience. This will also help you create several tailor fitted ads on different demographics or sets of audiences. You will also be able to further optimise (using test ads) in the future, making your campaign even more powerful. So don’t waste your money by breaking this rule.



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