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5 Quick Wins for Website Analytics

Posted August 4, 2016

Website Analytics like Google Analytics can be very useful. It can tell you many things. Data can tell you where you are failing and give you clues to why you are failing. It can provide you ideas on what your company needs to adjust to grow your site. A deeper understanding of your site’s data can even help you uncover opportunities that can be very profitable for your business.

The importance of actively analyzing your website’s analytics cannot be understated. This is most especially true for small businesses. While your traffic might be small at the onset, the insights that you glean may help you grow your traffic slowly but steadily. As in any business, while overnight success is not guaranteed by studying analytics, steady progress is the key for longevity.

Check out the 5 quick win tips we have on data analytics below:


check for pages

Check for Pages with High Bounce Rates

What is a bounce rate? In simple terms, it is the rate that users open a web page and after a short view of the page, almost immediately, leave the site. This usually means that there is either something wrong with the page, or the page did not deliver what was promised to the visitor in terms of content. It is in, layman’s terms, when a user “sees a page, pukes and leaves”.

Filter the list oh high bounce rate pages, investigate why and update these pages. Check for issues of slow-loading, HTML-code issues, large images, non-compatibility to mobile devices, or simple UI issues. Each page will have an issue, no matter how small. Fix each of the issues.


Find Referring Traffic Wins

Referring traffic shows where your site gains the most attention. Find out which website provides you the most ‘free’ traffic and try to deepen the relationship with them. You can offer to advertise on their sites or to also provide them free referral traffic by posting a link back to their site. Nurturing this list of sites that support you can be very profitable in the long run.


popular search

Popular Search = Content Win

Open up your “Search Keyword” data menu and find out what people are looking for on your site. Popular search terms shows you data on what users need to find or want to find. If you are already providing the content for them, consider creating more content for the popular topics. If they are not yet found on your site, consider building pages for them.


Set-up Goals

Tracking Goals will give you an overall picture on the success of your site. You can create simple goals like visits to the contact us page, download a piece of content or sign-up to a newsletter. If you own an ecommerce site, make sure that you are tracking each successful sale made on your site. It often is the single most important data that you will need to look at to determine the health and progression of your online presence.


google analytics

Integrate your Google Analytics with your Google Adwords Account

Get a bigger picture of your data by integrating your Google Analytics with your Google Adwords account. While you may not be using this at the moment, linking both Google tools will give you a bigger picture of customer behavior on your site when you start paid advertising on Google. Specifically, you will be able to have insights from analytics to manage Adwords campaigns, and ultimately, optimize the performance of your online business.

You can find out more info on how to link Google Analytics and Google Adwords here:


Data is not Insight

In Net Fusion Technology, we believe that data is nothing without insight. Small businesses need to take advantage of the power of Google Analytics for their site and their business. If you are unsure on how to go about with this, contact us. Our team has the capability to help you find the nuggets of wisdom from your analytics data.

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