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7 Holiday Digital Marketing Tips for a Winning Campaign

Posted December 8, 2015

The holiday season is not around the corner. It has arrived!

Consumers actually begin their holiday shopping as early as September. But according to a PPC and media specialist, Craig Gaylon, the peak season for the holidays usually begins the day after the Halloween. During the first week of November, traffic levels increase and will continue to increase during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

As customer searches and purchases increase during this season, brands have the opportunity to attract customers, influence purchase decisions, and ultimately drive sales.

By now, your holiday marketing plan and implementation must be in full swing. In case, you haven’t started with your holiday marketing campaign or you want to benefit with new tactics, here are 7 tips:

#1: Use Holiday Keywords for Your PPC Advertising

It is the time of the year to update your keywords and include holiday shopping key terms in your ad copies. If you have an online store, you may consider using ‘gifts for mom’, ‘kids Christmas gifts’, or ‘gifts for dad’ as keywords in your PPC ad copies to generate huge amounts of traffic to your website.

It is highly recommended to research the best keywords for your campaign, check what competitors are using, and make your ad copies appeal to your potential customers. Test ad copies and see what works best so you can maximize your spending and deliver higher value to your campaign.

#2: Design Themed Landing Pages

When consumers click on your holiday ad, they expect to be directed to a holiday-themed page where they can see the seasonal products advertised.

Your home page or other landing pages could use a bit of holiday spirit. You don’t have to do a redesign, which will cost money and time to implement. Changing a few design elements or adding a holiday slider or header image can already deliver the desired effect.

This will improve user experience and keep your customers on your website, browsing and buying.

And to capture the growing mobile market, make your pages optimised for mobile devices.

#3: Email is Not Dead

Email has been proven to work for holiday campaigns. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and drive interest and sales to your product during this most opportune time.

The difference between online search and email is that you can reach your customers in a timely and personal approach. One of the most important aspects of your email campaign is the creative content that will convert for you.

Keep in mind that customers will be flooded with emails during this busiest time of the year. Having a personal approach, good timing, and winning content will help you stand out.

#4: Send Greeting Cards for Customer Appreciation

Greeting cards are a great way to connect with current, previous or prospect clients during the holiday season. This is highly recommended for companies that do not sell products but services to customers.

For example, a dentist can send greeting cards to previous and current patients to connect and retain the relationship. If you have partners, stakeholders, and clients, a greeting card can go along way in maintaining the goodwill and positive relationship.

#5: Offer Discounts and Other Promotions

Discounts and other promotions appeal to holiday shoppers. Whatever can make them spend less in the most convenient manner is an enticing offer.

If you have an ongoing discount scheme, bulk order sale, free shipping, or other sales and promos, highlight that on your website, social media, email, or ad campaign. This will help appeal to customers and drive sales.

#6: Develop Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are tactics that can generate interest in your brand and products. In social media, these can increase the number of followers and the level of engagement on your social media pages.

By implementing this type of campaign, you have a higher chance to market your products to your target audience without the hard sell. Customers usually opt-in to this kind of campaign and will be happy to learn more about your products and buy them.

Make it fun and engaging, and customers will be happy to buy and even share your product to their family and friends.

#7: The Time for Gift Giving

The holiday season promotes gift giving and sharing. You can take advantage of this season to engage in activities in line with your corporate responsibility. Donating to a charity and creating fundraising event are some activities you can plan and execute during the holiday season.

If your business sells shoes or clothes to kids, then donating kid’s clothing to a community shelter or organizing a Christmas hamper drive will be an ideal activity.

While not all businesses may be open to spend for charity during the holiday season, you can think of the benefits it may bring once you promote this on social media, on your website, email, and in print media.

People love a good and heartfelt story, and this is your chance to hit two birds with one stone. You help others and also create a good impression to your customers, which they will remember and strongly associate with your brand and business.

What do you think of these 7 holiday digital marketing tips? Are you ready for your holiday campaign? Good luck!


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