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How Your ‘Tiny’ Website Can Make an Impact Online

Small businesses often have small websites and thus an equivalent small online presence. This often limits business owners with a ‘tiny’ mindset when it comes to making an impact on the internet. This is hardly the case as many small sites have grown into giants with massive reach and following.  As with anything that has […]

Is Backlinking Still Important in 2019?

Backlinking has always been a controversial topic in the world of digital marketing. Before Google set loose the Penguin Spam Filter on April 2012, ranking on Google was ‘easy money’. Website owners could buy their way into the top ranking position by adding more and more links. Top websites had link profiles with so much […]

SEO Updates: Google will no longer support NOINDEX

On September 1, the Search Engine Jagernaut will no longer support the use of NOINDEX directive listed in robots.txt file. NOINDEX is a common practice but is an ‘unpublished rule” that professionals in the industry have been using for a long time. They posted “In the interest of maintaining a healthy ecosystem and preparing for […]

Index Essentials: How to Make Sure Bots Crawl Your Site Efficiently

A website can be likened to a book. It has a cover, a table of contents and numerous pages. While some books, and even websites, can stay the same, websites are often changed and added with new content. If we follow the same analogy on books, Search Engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, are the […]

301 Redirects and Site Migration

A short guide on how to use 301 redirects to migrate your old website to a new site without losing traffic What is a 301 redirect? A 301 redirect is simply a code of date telling website spiders where you have moved your old web pages permanently to or where they can find similar information. […]

Speed Up Your WordPress Website

The internet is a galaxy of web pages which are dominated by WordPress sites. Like Coca-Cola, it is a household name in Content Management Sites. Reports claim that WordPress takes up about 60% of the CMS websites and these sites run about 30 percent of the entire internet. While these sites are made to be […]

Not All Social Media are Equal

With the internet changing the way we live our lives and also the way we transact our businesses, using social media for our businesses is at times an awkward fit. Navigating the social media landscape has its difficulties. Social media is subject to cultural and social restrictions. And, with a social media new tool released […]

Why Cybersecurity Matters to You

Cyber security is no longer an option but has become a necessity for any business. It’s easy to think that these attacks will never happen to you or your company. Although this may have been true even 10 years ago, cyber-attacks can happen to anyone with a device that is online. Cybersecurity has become a […]

Creating an Effective Ad

Business owners tend to undermine the importance of creating an effective advertisement. In order to create an effective advertisement, you must first understand the basics of a good advertisement content. As every business wants to stand out from the rest, and with the rising competition due to globalisation, promoting your business with proper advertisement techniques […]

How to Keep Your Facebook Private

Facebook Privacy Tips Privacy was never Facebook’s strongest suit. Facebook seemingly has had various issues with keeping data private since its debut of “newsfeed”.  While these events in the past were mere hiccups, the latest scandal has brought about a major economic backlash for the company and for its founder. The company reportedly lost about […]

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Words from George Votava - NFT Director

Small businesses often have small websites and thus an

Is Backlinking Still Important in 2019?

Backlinking has always been a controversial topic in the

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