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Common Errors on Landing Page Design

Posted June 9, 2016

Designing a landing page that converts effectively is both a science and art. It is simple enough to create one, yet optimizing it for better performance is another story altogether.

Every part of the page, the copy, the images, the layout and even the code, contribute to its performance. Unlike normal pages, landing pages should have a singular goal: converting users into active participants of your business.

If there are some elements out of place or don’t have a distinct purpose on the page, you have failed to give your prospects a seamless landing page experience.

Thus, not all landing pages end with conversions. More often, it is the design that prevents willing users from buying into what your landing pages are offering.

Here are few of the more common errors that hinder your landing page conversion rates.


Slow Loading Pages

Speed is requirement in conversion. “You snooze, you lose” is a rule of thumb when it comes to web design. It is a fact that users are very impatient and fickle-minded. A slight delay in a web page loading can contribute to a small percentage decrease in your conversion rate. While it may not seem significant, 1% lost customers can be a huge blow to your site’s revenue over time.

Pay close attention to the load time of landing pages. Make sure to minify images and compress design codes.  Audit your pages at least once a week to see whether or not it is performing as it should. Test load times of your pages frequently. Make sure they are not lagging especially if you often add content to these pages.

Not Mobile-ready

We live in a mobile-obsessed world. It should no longer just be an option to build mobile-ready sites. Needless to say, your landing pages being mobile-friendly should be of highest importance. Your landing pages should display properly on most mobile devices. Moreover, call to actions and conversion buttons should work as well as they do on desktop versions. It can be one thing to have mobile-ready page, and another for the landing page to be mobile-optimized for conversion.

Too many choices

Choice is a double-edged sword. It can either help nudge users to subscribe or you drive people away. When developing a landing page, design it according to the philosophy of minimalism. A single idea and a single action can help people decide easier. The less actions needed on a page, and the less messages, the clearer path of action will be for web users. Likewise, having single action or intent goals on your page will allow you to study conversion data on your landing page easier.

Unclear Call to Actions

Clarity is of high importance when asking people to do a specific action. If they are buying something, make it as simple as “Buy now” or “Purchase now”. If you want them to sign-up for a subscription, “sign-up” or “sign-up now” is good enough. Avoid vague actions like “ I want it!” or phrases like “shut up and take my money”.  Vague messaging may sound hip or fun, but more often than not, it contributes to confusion more than clarity. Keep your “Call to Actions” simple and easy to understand.

No Clear Message of Value

Spell it out for them. If you are offering something of value, it is important that it is clearly stated for your users. Maximise your landing pages by highlighting each product feature that will be beneficial to your customers. Make sure this is positioned just right beside your call to action buttons. This will be a quick visual cue for them. This will make it easy for them to convert. They will thank you for it.


Simplify to Optimise

The most important aspect of designing or optimizing a page for conversion falls more into simplification more than over designing. All the elements of the page should be organised in a way that converting your clients is a near-mindless or automatic experience.

It is easy to design landing pages, but it is so easy to mess up as well. Minimizing the friction and the distractions is often the key to a successful landing page. If you want optimise your landing pages, make sure to test different simple layouts  with robust content and clear call to actions.


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