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How Your Local Businesses Can Make Money with Pokemon Go

Posted July 20, 2016

Since its release date, Pokemon has been making the headlines. In terms of usage time, it is beating apps like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Messenger in growth. A report showed that it is rivaling Twitter in terms of number active users. Not bad for an app that has just been only in release for 2 weeks.


For those who have not been aware of the app’s development, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that uses smartphone’s camera and sensor to place Pokemon characters in the real world. Users need to navigate through real locations to find, capture and play with Pokemon creatures. People travel to landmarks and around other notable geographic features in their cities to ‘capture them all’.


Pokemon Go Benefits

Because, people are required to go out of the comfort of their homes, health experts are already praising the game for helping people get some exercise, make new friends, and even deal with depression.

There have been different social media posts about how it has helped people with Post-traumatic Stress disorder connect with strangers and of how people who do not exercise end up walking kilometres.


While these are still anecdotal at best, the game seems to be bringing the best in people socially, mentally and physically. In particular, the game’s ability to connect people digitally and help them meet in real life is its strength

And, this meeting in “real life” is also very good news for small local business.

Cashing in on PokeMon Go

If your local business is a Poké-stop or near a few ones, take advantage of using the in-game feature of setting-up a “lure”.

Pokemons can appear anywhere, but, “lure modules” will attract the pokemons for 30 minutes to a location. Poké-stops with lures out definitely draw in the crowds of players which can become your paying customers.

The lure feature is especially useful for retail store, bars, cafes or restaurants as players may want to hang around and talk to other players or take a break from hunting. They may want to buy some food or beverages while doing so. Since the game has a wide demographic of users, using a lure can bring in “fresh bodies” of more than the usual set of customers to your business.

The only way one can obtain a lot of ‘lures’ quickly is buying them with real money. They are less than $1 each so it is still a bargain. It is a small price to pay if you want to attract more customers to your store.


As ‘lures’ have a time-limit, it can be helpful to use them on specific times of the day. You can use them over lunch, and, during afternoon breaks and after-work to boost your usual customer traffic.

Don’t forget announce your ‘lure’ on your social media accounts each time you put it out. This will be useful in extending the marketing mileage of your Pokemon Go campaign.


If your business isn’t a Poké-stop or near one, don’t despair. The developers of Pokémon Go are set to release a feature that will allow ‘sponsored’ stops and gyms. This will allow business owners to draw in people to their retail locations.

If you aren’t convinced how Pokemon Go can impact your business, watch how a rare pokemon sighting caused a ‘stampede of people’ in New York’s Central Park --

Imagine if this happened in your own business.



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