Thirroul, New South Wales – Massive funding cuts by the federal government limited the funding for social programs. This policy agenda reduced the capacity of Australia’s community sector to provide assistance to people in need. Thirroul Neighbourhood Centre (TNC) is one of those organisations that were affected by the uncertainty and inadequacy of funding.

TNC is a non-profit organisation that serves the community of Northern Illawara. Founded in 1977, the centre has been developing youth and social programs and providing assistance in food, utility bills, and more as part of its emergency relief (ER) program.

Since July 2010, the number of individuals accessing the ER program has increased dramatically, most especially experienced in the last two years. With the high unemployment problem in Northern Illawara, more people are struggling and in need of assistance.

According to Emily Messieh, the Youth and Community Services Coordinator of TNC, approximately 185 families come in every month for assistance with food, utility bills, hygiene packs, medicine, and emotional and psychological support. These people include the homeless, people in domestic violence situations, people who have been assaulted, youth looking for work or who have been kicked out of home, people using alcohol and other drugs, and people experiencing violence and sexual abuse.

The funding cuts by the government have crippled the organisation and reduced its capacity to effectively meet the needs of people experiencing poverty and inequality. Because of this, the centre’s opening hours have been reduced. TNC gets by with the help of volunteers and funds donated by families and local businesses.

In response to the growing challenges, TNC developed a program to raise funds for the centre. This program aims to encourage the participation of local business and donation of $150 per year. In line with this program, Net Fusion Technology (NFT) reached out to TNC to propose a fundraising campaign that will help further promote and generate funding for the neighbourhood centre.

“I read an article in the local newspaper that TNC needs urgent help from the business community in the form of funds or expertise. NFT decided to assist by donating our expertise in social media,” said George Votava, Director of NFT.

The NFT team in collaboration with TNC created an online cause funding campaign. NFT has been developing content and offering technical and social media expertise to TNC to further promote the cause funding campaign in social media and online.

“We want to offer our help to develop a campaign to increase funding from the business community. Our target is 15K in 12 months,” said Votava. Through continuous effort in promoting TNC’s cause funding campaign, NFT hopes to reach 15k goal funding in a year for the organisation.

Messieh shows appreciation of NFT’s support, “Net Fusion Technology has been a tremendous support to Thirroul Neighbourhood Centre. Mik’s work on our website, cause funding and social media has been so helpful. She always has great ideas and is happy to do whatever we ask. We enjoy working with them and are very happy to say they are our Bronze sponsor here at TNC.”

NFT hopes that more local businesses offer their support to organisations like Thirroul Neighbourhood Centre. Contributing to the community must not be an option but a goal for any business or organisation. Whether through financial support or collaborative project, there is always a way to extend a helping a hand.

To know more about the funding campaign or if you want to donate today, you may also contact Emily Messieh at 4267 2500 or email at


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