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Not All Social Media are Equal

Posted October 9, 2018

With the internet changing the way we live our lives and also the way we transact our businesses, using social media for our businesses is at times an awkward fit.

Navigating the social media landscape has its difficulties. Social media is subject to cultural and social restrictions. And, with a social media new tool released almost every day, it can be easy fall to the fad and assume you need to use all for marketing your services and products.

Companies often make the mistake of trying to be an early adopter on every social media trend, even if it doesn’t fit their marketing strategy. As in each marketing communication plan, the most foundational question you need to fulfil is to know who your audience is. This knowledge will allow you to understand not only what messages to communicate, but which social media platform to spend your budget on.

Each social media platform was created for its own purpose and, thus, they attract different kinds of audiences. In this way, they are not created equally.


LinkedIn is a platform for the workers of the world. This career-centric social media site was built for people to advertise their skills and for people to network their businesses. In other words, if you plan to use this site, make sure your content is directed toward a professional audience. This is not the place for casual and personal content like memes and jokes.


Instagram is a visual-centric site. It was built for sharing photos and videos thus all popular content is visually striking. If you wish to participate in this platform, make sure that all your photos or videos are well-composed and well-edited. You can post anything on this platform, but originality and authenticity of content are esteemed above great video or photography.


Pinterest is also a visually-centric site but its format allows more than just the use of photographs or videos. It is often used for infographics on how-to-dos and tips. This is a good site to re-post blogs and other info that cannot be posted on Instagram. If you have informational content that uses images, post them on this platform to drive people to your site.


Twitter is a forum that can simply be a conversation among friends that can easily turn into a million people overnight.  Like a cocktail party, it a great place to leverage customer service and create a genuine conversation and relationship with your clients. If you own an account, make sure to keep your communications professional as this is a very public forum.


Facebook is the biggest social media platform there is at present. Owning a Facebook page is a no-brainer. It gives your business legitimacy, provides information and is used for marketing. And, everyone is on it. While specific content is more effective on other social media sites, maintaining an account will allow you to connect to your audience more seamlessly.

Tips for Managing Social Media

The Medium is the message.

Before you post items on all our accounts, consider who your audience is and where they are. Study how different platforms are used and consider which site will be the best fit for your needs. While having accounts for all sites is useful for branding identity and discoverability, make sure to focus your online marketing efforts for the few that fit your branding.

Be helpful, not boastful.

People who often brag are shunned on social media. This rule also applies to businesses. While updates and news are important, as well as marketing new products, make sure that most of your posts and content useful and relevant information to your audience. Establish your identity as a problem-solver and not just a hard-seller and watch your influence grow.

Don’t just talk, listen more.

Sales can be won quickly if you respond quickly to clients questions on a short period of time. Don’t just treat your social media accounts like a signpost or ad board only. Make sure that you respond to all questions and concerns on all the channels you have accounts on. They are direct contact channels that will give you direct feedback to your most valuable shareholders.

If you want to market your services or products on Social Media but do not have the expertise or resources to do so, feel free to contact us.

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