Social Media Marketing

Social media is more than just technology, it is about building thriving communities. Shape your social media profiles and let your brand’s voice be heard. Convert your audience.

NFT offers expert social media marketing service for your brand. We begin by understanding your business to be able to define goals and develop strategies that will generate the right results.



We create a customized strategy and social media plan for each of our clients. In whatever stage you are at in your social media efforts, we can customize a strategy that fits your business needs.


We offer management of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Google properties (Google+, Google Places) and other web properties for the purpose of having a consistent information experience with your website.

Data-driven Marketing

Our approach to social media marketing is data-driven. We translate goals into metrics that we can track. We derive success from our creative marketing activities through measurable results.

Integrate Offline and Online Marketing

We believe that complementing your offline and online marketing activities with our social media plan will gain higher impact and success for your business.