Website Maintenance

We make sure to keep your website secure, up to date, and running smoothly. To make sure that your online business is kept afloat, we also offer website maintenance offered in a quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis depending on your needs and budget.

You need to make sure that your site’s software, patches, and plugins are all updated. This is not only for functionality, but it is also a must do for great SEO. You also want your site to always be safe by constantly backing up its latest versions. We will make sure that your website will continue to run in top form, with excellent security. CONTACT US

We Offer

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Updates – Keeping your site software updated is crucial for your site’s SEO. Yearly Quarterly Monthly Weekly
 • Core updates
 • Check for patches
 • Plugin updates
 Backups – Having a backup is not only useful as training material but also for many other applications.
 • Backups Archiving
 Activity Report – We’ll tell you exactly what we have accomplished for your website.
 Additional Support – We go the extra mile in keeping your site updated, evolving, and relevant.
 • Complementary Hosting
 • Email Support