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Rethinking Recruitment for the New Generation

Posted June 29, 2023

Gone are the days when a well-written resume was all it would take to secure a job. In the new age of recruitment, employers must seek out talent that not only looks good on paper but can also bring skills and creativity to the table. As the workforce shifts to accommodate the new generation, companies must adapt their recruitment methods and embrace innovative strategies to attract the best candidates.

In this blog post, we explore why portfolios are now essential, how building a mission beyond profits can make a difference, and why a flexible remote workplace setup is now a necessity.

1. Resumes are Out, Portfolios are In

The traditional assessment of a candidate's qualifications has always been the resume. But with the rise of platforms like LinkedIn and the availability of online portfolios, resumes are slowly losing their luster. Companies looking to hire the best of the best can now look beyond the one-pager and assess a candidate's skills and creativity through their portfolio. A portfolio not only showcases a candidate's work but also allows the recruiter to see how they approach challenges and how they innovate.

2. Build a Mission Beyond Profit

Gone are the days when making a profit was enough to attract top talent. The new generation of employees wants to work for a company that has a mission beyond mere financial success. Companies that have a social or environmental cause at the center of their business are more likely to attract Gen Z and Millennials. Candidates want to be part of something bigger than the bottom line. Having a purpose-driven organization also helps with retention and employee engagement.

3. Embrace Remote Work

Thanks to advancements in technology and the impact of the pandemic, remote work has become a reality for most companies. Employers who have embraced the remote work setup have seen benefits such as cost savings, increased productivity and better work-life balance for employees. Remote work also allows for a larger pool of candidates to choose from, eliminating geographic barriers and giving companies the ability to recruit from anywhere. Going remote means less overhead and more flexibility.

4. Ditch Traditional Hiring Methods

Placing an ad in a newspaper and waiting for resumes to trickle in is a thing of the past. To attract Gen Z and Millennials, companies need to engage with candidates in more creative ways. This can be through social media, hackathons, or attending industry events. Companies need to showcase their culture, mission, and values to candidates in a way that resonates with them. This will not only attract the best candidates, but it will also help create a more diverse workforce.

5. Leverage Technology

To keep up with the times, companies need to use technology to their advantage. This includes using platforms like LinkedIn, allowing for online applications and video interviews, and investing in AI-powered recruitment tools. Data-driven hiring can help predict a candidate's success and eliminate any biases. With the help of technology, recruiters can find the best fit not just for the role but for the company culture as well.


Recruitment for the new generation requires a shift in mindset and approach. To secure the best talent in the new generation, companies must adapt to new recruitment methods and embrace innovative strategies. Resumes are no longer the primary tool for assessing candidates, while portfolios, missions beyond profits, and remote work are becoming necessities. Building a diverse team that values human-centered recruitment and prioritizes inclusivity and kindness is essential. These tools and strategies can attract top-notch candidates that will energize your company and help take it to the next level.

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