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Social Video Marketing is on the Rise

Posted June 21, 2017

Mobile video platforms, particularly from Facebook and YouTube are changing the way people consume media. The strength of television broadcasting is seriously under threat as more and more generations start to rely on mobile videos for their entertainment. This is why almost all forward thinking agencies and marketers have created at least 2 videos last year.

Let's look at the breakdown created from a study by Social Media Today. They have provided very interesting data on the viewing habits of those who consume video on Facebook. This might convince you to have your own company invest in video creation (if you haven't already)

When do people watch  videos on social media?

33 % Lunch hour

43% Afternoon

56% Evening

38% Before bed

16% Middle of the night

With this type of viewing habit, your brands can be guided on what type of content to post and when. For example, if you want to target people with coupons for your restaurant chain, posting and boosting right before lunch hours has been shown to create tremendous success.

Consider also

84% Watch from mobile devices

This means that viewers are on the go. They are using their mobile right before making purchase decisions. In fact, and probably most interesting of all, a whooping 64% of mobile viewers have said that watching a video on Facebook has influenced them in their purchases. That is undeniable media swaying power that every marketer should jump in on.

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