For all eCommerce sites, the following sentence always holds true: "trust creates conversions." It doesn't matter how good looking and user friendly your eCommerce website is. If it does not gain the trust of your audience, then they will not go through with their sales. Big name shopping sites that have already created a name and a royal user base will have no problem with creating trust. But for websites that are just starting out, these tips can make a huge difference. Read on.


Whatever helps you get trust, use it and flaunt it. Make your customers know that you have seals, badges,  and logos that guarantee your legitimacy. These will help turn visitors into customers faster than you think. An SSL certificate is your first priority. If your site doesn't have this most basic security then how do you expect your visitors to trust you?

Testimonials and Reviews

These are another type of trust driver that should be very visible to your site visitors. Testimonials and reviews are indeed very powerful and studies have shown just how effective they are.

More than 90 percent of site traffic will check out reviews and testimonials before choosing to purchase. Around 88 percent of purchases put their faith in reviews as much as recommendations from friends.

ecommerce check review

Another great thing about testimonials is that they help your website's SEO. So there is so much going for them that having none of them on your site is a big mistake. They can generate optimal product specific key words that will help people find your website through search engines. This significant boost in traffic is also "targeted" traffic, making it even more valuable.

More Payment Options Makes Customers Feel Secure

If you provide a healthy range of payment options, this will make your customers feel safer. How? Because if they recognize payment options they used before, there will be a sense of familiarity.

Here's a list down just a few possible options for you to try:

1. PayPal

2. Stripe - Amazon

3. Klarna

Though the eCommerce industry in general is experiencing massive growth, it also is getting more cut-throat. You won't be able to compete anymore with just a good looking site. That's all in the past. What you need is to have a more technical knowledge on what makes eCommerce sites. These trust drivers are not the only things that you need, but these can help give you the edge in your niche market.

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