As Covid-19 settles into our everyday lives, we see more Australian businesses from all industries, just try and make ends meet. Others, however, have emerged victorious as they have adapted new ways of engaging and keeping their audience tuned in to their brand in the digital and social media space. 

But why is it that businesses should embrace the digital marketing space? Here are some reasons why:

  • More and more Australians are becoming aware of the digital and marketing efforts.

With the digital age upon us, anything and everything is now accessible online. As people are confined to their homes with only the internet to pass the time, businesses are taking advantage of this and are using all the marketing efforts that are available online to promote their brands. 

  • Your brand can reach new heights using digital marketing!

Business owners tend to forget that their businesses are also brands they can nurture and develop. The reason why digital marketing is around is simply to push the businesses “why” in pursuing their “what.”

Once businesses realize and recognize that their business is also a brand and select the best-suited channel, you can present your brand in an appealing approach that can attract potential clients that will stay for your brand. 

  • Being agile is basically the new normal, traditional marketing is now less reliable.

Let’s face it, with most people staying confined to their homes traditional marketing has now become a second thought. With the Covid-19 here to stay and no vaccine being found any time soon, businesses need to come up with new ways to spread the word about their products and brand to the public. 

With digital marketing, businesses can now spread the word to people in the comfort of their homes. They can simply develop a page, post regularly about their products which leads them to their website. 

Final takeaways

As Albert Einstein once said “You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.” 

Digital marketing is scary and being worried that your business will falter is just holding your business from achieving its full potential. The truth is that those businesses who have made the change have seen that is beneficial to their sales and the way they operate. 

If you are not sure where to start and get the word out, we are ready to help you begin the process. Contact us at +61 2 9089 8875 or email us at to get your start. 


What separates the great from the good?

Whether you own a small business or a large conglomerate, it is important that your brand owns a facebook page. Owning your own social channels is the first step. But, the challenge is creating meaningful engagement through them. There are many brands that are exciting offline but have a weak presence and few social conversations online. If you want to achieve growth in with your brand, then you need to create a digital space where your consumers would enjoy creating conversations in.

Below are some tips that can help you create an engaging Facebook page:


Complete your About Information


One of the reasons a person visits a Facebook page is to gain information. Make it easy for your visitors by completing your About section with complete and correct information. This simple act of completing your About section will ensure that all who visit your page have an easy way of getting in contact with you and engaging in your products or services. Moreover, the completeness of your about information will not only provide them an easy way to contact you or learn more about your services but it will also add to your Facebook page’s credibility. And, in any business, credibility is the currency of success.


Only use the best Emotion-Inducing images


The digital space is a visual experience. You should treat your Facebook as the extension of your showroom – where it is critical to put your best foot forward. The images you use on your cover photos or shared posts should be curated to showcase your brand’s best qualities. Do not just use beautiful images – make your audience learn, laugh and even cry if you can with the images you choose to display.


Craft your messaging for specific target markets

Unlike traditional marketing through print media or radio and tv, Facebook marketing allows you to see the number of people who have been reached by your status updates. Whether or not they respond to your updates, you have assurance that it your target market is being reached. To create meaningful engagements with your market, it is critical to write your messages for your specific target market.


Look at how National Geographic crafted a message on the 2016’s Leap Year below:


And, look at how Nike Women’s messaging on health resolutions for the year:




Always respond to questions

A conversation is a two-way street. Once your page’s fan base starts commenting on your Facebook posts it is critical that you keep the conversation going. Make sure to validate any of their opinions, entertain their inquiries, and, most importantly, remedy any issues or complaints.


The Clash of Clans Fan page makes sure to provide timely responses to their users:



No overnight success

The act of creating a Facebook Page is very simple, but building a great one will take time, planning and a lot of effort. You cannot expect to create your page then have an overnight following with it. Share amazing content (with great photos) and be nice to your facebook fan base; over time it will grow from good to great.