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Why You Need to Use the Google URL Shortener

Posted October 11, 2016

Most of the time, the shorter your line the better it sounds. Wait, let me rephrase that:

In digital: shorter is better.



Here are just some of the reasons why you should use the Google URL shortener:


Make Links More Usable and Sharable

Of course not every link is an overgrown plant that needs to be pruned. But a lot of links are too long and unwieldy. They don’t lend well to good SEO because they might be overstuffed with keywords. What’s worse, they aren’t practical. No one will share a URL that’s too long.


No one will click on one either. This is where URL shorteners shine out. And, if you want good SEO. There’s no better tool than to use Google’s own URL Shortener. These links will also automatically open in some mobile apps. In this era of social media, having sharable links are vital. Getting your link shared again and again will net you so much valuable reach.

Make Data More Trackable and Manageable


Analytics are the bread and butter of any good digital campaign. At the start of a campaign, you need data to find out what’s your best strategy. And at the middle and the end of a campaign, you need data to see if that strategy worked. Google’s URL Shortener gives you full data and live tracking. It will let you track location, where your links are clicked, etc.

If you want to know more about who your market is online and how to reach them, you will need this information. If you know where your clicks are coming from, you can have a clearer picture of who your audience is.

So, always remember: keep things short and sweet.

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